Isabelle works nationally and internationally as Head of Chambers of a legal practice/HR consultancy she founded, following a lengthy career as a barrister in the public, private and charitable sectors. She specialises in advising Senior Leadership Teams on how to grow organisations that are compliant, diverse, inclusive and reputationally sound.

In terms of public service, Isabelle is Vice President of a political Party and a member of its Strategy Group and Federal Board. She advocates on the issues of justice, equality, education and poverty as Patron of The Liberty Network for political donors and Trustee of The Paddy Ashdown Forum think tank. She is a past Parliamentary and London Assembly candidate.

In recognition of Isabelle’s work as both a lawyer and a campaigner, Oxford University and National Life Stories will be recording the story of her life as part of The Sound Archive at the British Library.

In addition to holding early years and adult education teaching qualifications, Isabelle is a former school governor and trustee of educational charities.

2016-01-17 Isabelle Parasram - Head of C