Improved Working Practices

The furore over the employment contracts and disciplinary rules at Sports Direct has drawn a lot of media attention in the last few months. With zero hours contracts, strict policies on infringements of rules and an atmosphere that has been described by some as oppressive, the public image of the giant retailer has not been a good one.

It will seem to some to have been a long time coming for a company of this size to be making changes. Zero hour contracts are to go, offering more security to staff. Strict ‘6 strikes and you’re out’ policies have been recommended to go. In general the company is sprucing itself up and many take the view that it is doing a bit more of the right thing.

All businesses, small or large, can learn from stories such as these. Bad working practices can have a hugely detrimental effect on your business. Not only by demotivating staff but, if you are large enough to be noticed, by damaging the public perception of your company. Studies have shown that by improving support to your staff, being flexible and making sure your employment practices are top notch you can truly change the prospects for your business.


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