Brexit and the Positive Story?

The country remains very much divided by the referendum and the resultant vote for the UK to leave membership of the European Union. Friends and family still discuss it and it’s hold in the newspapers as a story of choice has yet to diminish.

There are positive stories coming to the fore as well as negatives, and as there has been a substantial amount of doom-mongering, it is good to see some of the sunnier side of the debate get an airing.

In a story today the Guardian discusses how for some investors the ide of post-Brexit Britain as a partner is actually much more appealing than investing in a country that remains a part of the EU behemoth and all that entails.

Perhaps then the future isn’t as all bleak as some of the broadsheets would have us believe, perhaps with some sideways thinking things could just work out alright. There could be changes to our economy, and our direction of investment, but who knows what opportunities that will allow us to grab.

Whatever your side of the debate one thing is for sure, we are all going to have to read a lot more about it before the deed of leaving is done.


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