Including professional misconduct, sexual impropriety, safeguarding & child protection.

We can help you if you have queries related to any of the following areas:

  • Coronavirus HR advice

  • Disciplinary appeals

  • Disciplinary investigations

  • Disciplinary procedures

  • Discrimination

  • Employment contracts

  • Employment tribunals

  • Equality policies

  • Flexible working

  • Grievance procedures

  • Holidays, sickness & leave

  • Job applications & hiring

  • Lay-offs and short-time working

  • Maternity, paternity, adoption leave & pay

  • Pay & wages

  • Professional misconduct

  • Redundancy

  • Safeguarding & child protection

  • Sexual impropriety

  • Working hours

Note that we no longer represent clients in Court or Tribunals - our work focusses on preventative measures and setting up best practice systems.


Many organisations have a Head of Diversity and Inclusion or a Head of People. And what can sometimes happen is that that person becomes solely responsible for D&I with the result that D&I is perceived as a separate function within an organisation, rather than the responsibility of every stakeholder.

You might not think that this applies to your organisation, but, we have sampled a number of organisations and found that they have fallen at the first hurdle of our testing. 

We approach D&I from a systemic point of view - what micro and macro actions can your organisation take to be more welcoming of a range of people, ranging from the optics of your website to the composition of your recruitment panel interviewers to the way you phrase your job descriptions in adverts. 

We also provide a sounding board for your Heads of D&I and People who can run ideas past us in a confidential environment.


If you are dealing with a complaint, grievance or disciplinary, we can chair any related internal hearings or investigations. We can also advise you on how to manage your complaints, grievance or disciplinary processes or how to devise them.

If you are seeking the input of an external person in your recruitement processes, we can sit as panel members, taking on the roles of interviewers and assessors. We can also advise you the law and best practice relating to the various stages of recruitment

Complaints, grievances, disciplinaries, recruitment


For C-Level Executives and Senior Leadership Teams

If you are a C-Level Executive and you need help in making tough decisions or in dealing with seemingly unsolvable problems, especially ones that intersect with compliance, diversity, inclusion or reputational issues, then we can help.

We provide confidential coaching and mentoring for senior leaders that goes beyond being motivational - it also takes into account the wider ramifications of your personal choices on the organisation itself.

Our Head of Chambers, Isabelle Parasram, has extensive experience as a leader in the political, educational and legal fields, having worked in the public, private and charitable sectors both as a barrister and in a wide range of other roles.

She now supports other leaders in facing current issues and next steps in their own development and that of their organisations.