Sex abuse claims

If you can tick 'Yes' to any of the following, we can help:


        Have you been accused of sexual abuse?


        Have you been questioned by the police?

        Are you about to be prosecuted?

        Are you planning to appeal against a conviction?

        Are you being sued in the civil Courts for personal injury?

        Is your spouse divorcing you?

        Is your partner limiting your access to your children?

        Were there errors in the conduct of the police or CPS in your case?

        Do you want to sue for defamation or damages?

        Are you facing professional misconduct proceedings?

        Has your employment been affected?

        Were any agencies negligent in the handling of your case?

        Do you want to challenge false claims about you in the media?

        Do you want to have false social media claims about you removed?

        Are you facing insolvency as a result of dealing with these claims?

        Has your confidentiality been breached or your data compromised?

Listen here to what our Head of Legal Practice has to say to you about how we can help you in the midst of these unfortunate circumstances:


We work in partnership with specialists in their respective fields to ensure that our clients are able to fight false/ malicious/ spurious claims ​made against them. As you probably know by now, complainants in cases like these have the right of anonymity, but alleged respondents have no such protection. Our team will ensure that your rights are acknowledged too.

You will benefit from the expertise of:

  • Private investigators

  • Reputation management experts

  • Specialist lawyers

  • Paralegal and administrative support

We work as a project team with Carnoustie Consultants, Farraline, 3D Solicitors and barristers such as Rupert Butler to deliver a full package of solutions to the numerous issues that can arise for someone accused of sexual abuse. 


If you are a respondent in a sex abuse case, it is crucial that you get the help of experts, with a proven track record of success and with access to the many specialisms required to work on your case.


The impact of a sex abuse allegation goes beyond the scope of a 'normal' criminal prosecution. Once you are accused of sex abuse, the nightmare can be never ending and, even if you are acquitted, the lingering perception of '...there's no smoke without a fire...' can remain.

People in your situation have ended up losing their homes, their jobs, their reputations, their spouses and contact with their children.


Many only realise the far reaching consequences of a sex abuse allegation when it's too late. That's why you need tailored help right from the start. Although we can put all of our efforts into overturning any damage done by any allegations, it's in your best interests if we prevent the damage in the first place.


You may find yourself being 'outed' on social media. Respondents often end up in the Press. You may not have anticipated any of this and, if you are not used to dealing with the media, you need to be careful of saying or doing anything that might prejudice your position.


The latter may particularly affect you if you are in the public eye already.


Our Head of Legal Practice used to be a Senior Prosecutor. She has wide ranging experience in conducting internal investigations, including into the handling of sexual impropriety complaints within a major political Party. Her knowledge of safeguarding and child protection as a Link Governor as well as her experience of dealing with cases like yours from a criminal, family, employment, business and regulatory law standpoint, make her ideally placed to evaluate your situation from a wide-ranging perspective. 


And being a public figure herself, she is able to help you to manage the many aspects of any claims against you with the benefit of her understanding, not only of the law, but of the media impact on you and your loved ones.


If you want to book a consultation with our Head of Legal Practice, you can do so by calling or emailing her (just click on the links).

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