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Anish Aggarwal – Director, Phoenix Capital Partners Limited

Company/Commercial Law client

"I’d like to take a moment to thank you very much for your efforts, attentiveness and professionalism.  I appreciate the job you did and the attention to detail during and after our consultation. If any of my relatives, friends or acquaintances are ever in need of assistance such as I was, you will be highly recommended by me."

Pummy Singh Seehra - Managing Director, XLR8 Pharma Marketing Ltd.

Company/Commercial Law client

I think for many of us, any legal situation is a stressful strain on our already busy lives. I found Isabelle to be a breath of fresh air, approachable and genuinely caring. I could tell Isabelle's principles are correct and just. Isabelle was honest, and her advice and guidance was not only thorough, but also well structured, clear and succinct. It is obvious to me that she is an extremely experienced and talented barrister and I have already recommended her to family and colleagues.

Kevin Fox, Director of Patron Services Ltd.

Civil Litigation client

Thank you for the time you spent with His Lordship today.

You impressed with your professionalism and particularly by the way you conducted the consultation. You understood, excellently, the protocol required, not just of yourself but also of the staff, and the overall impression was first class.

Mike Matthews, Director/Treasurer of the Christian Education Project

Employment Law client

We were extremely grateful to Greycoat Law for their extremely informative advice concerning a delicate employment issue and also for their most useful help and guidance as to how we should progress matters further. They came extremely well prepared and the meeting was conducted in a relaxed and structured atmosphere. Their professionalism was beyond doubt and there would be no hesitation in recommending their services.

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