• Work whenever and wherever you want to

  • Get paid above market rate

  • No waiting for payment - we pay on time, every time

  • Enjoy the support of a 5-star admin. & legal team

  • Work in a team of 2 barristers allocated to every case

  • Leave the client care to us

  • Get good quality, comprehensive Instructions

  • Act for co-operative and informed clients

  • Be free to follow other career opportunities

  • Know that client fees fund legal work, not commission

  • No rent or other ongoing costs payable to us

  • Say 'Goodbye' to internal politics

  • Work in an environment where you are valued

  • Be part of a team that respects your home life

  • Take more control of your work

  • No more marketing worries - we operate a waiting list!




What we offer our lawyers:

Our flexible working model has created a highly motivated staff team and truly appreciative clients...


Here's why...

What this means for clients:
  • Between us, our team works almost around the clock

  • Our fees cover both your barrister and solicitor work

  • Our pricing is clear, predictable and fair

  • Enjoy a 5-star administrative service

  • Benefit from 2 barristers allocated to every case

  • We communicate with you on a near daily basis

  • Your fees do not get swallowed up in commission

  • Our low overheads mean savings are passed to you

  • Our prices are lower than the solicitor/barrister model

  • All staff who bill you have 20 years + experience

  • Our staff are responsive and IT savvy

  • We have a social conscience - and it shows

  • Team members all have experience outside of the law

  • We often have experience of cases like yours

  • We're creative and entrepreneurial in our approach

  • We'll pull out all the stops for you



Please apply to work on our team if:


  1. You have 20 years' or more experience in your field

  2. You are responsive, IT savvy and socially conscious

  3. You give great value for money

  4. You have worked 'at the coalface'

  5. You have experience outside of the law

  6. You can genuinely empathise with clients

  7. You understand that communication with clients is key

  8. You're creative and entrepreneurial in your approach

  9. You believe that the 'little people' in a team matter

  10. You will pull out all the stops to support a client


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